Alexandra Hospital


For Immediate Release: Friday 18 May 2018


Alexandra District Health is working with community groups occupying the old hospital site to relocate to new premises.

The old hospital building currently provides temporary accommodation for five community groups (playgroup, U3A, historical car and motor cycle clubs, and historical society). The building infrastructure has now aged significantly and no longer meets the safety standards required for continued use.

Alexandra District Health has received a report from an independent fire and structural engineer advising that the building is not safe for occupancy due to the fire regulations and Building Code – and that occupants should be relocated promptly.

Alexandra District Health CEO/DON Debbie Rogers said: “The safety of our community is a priority and Alexandra District Health is responding to safety concerns and acting without delay to address this matter”.

“It is important that we ensure the safety of all occupants by helping them to move to suitable new spaces in the next few weeks.”

“We have looked at a number of options and we are working closely with each of the community groups to find them a suitable home, helping them relocate and preparing the new premises.”

She said: “We have contacted a range of organisations in Alexandra who can provide suitable premises to ensure the community groups can continue their great work, in safe and convenient locations.

“We value our community partners and admire the work that the community groups do – and the role they play in the community.”


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